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Free Online Class 30th June at 9pm UK (4pm NY)- Painting Techniques of the ghostly Eugène Carrière

Updated: Jul 3, 2022

Note: A recording of this session is available now free to view on my video page

Let's get together online for a live online Zoom painting class. Even if you don't know about Carrière, a 19th cent Symbolist painter, you'll respond to his amazing spectral images, like early Sèance photographs, and wonder how he made them. I've been investigating and will share what I've found, and together we'll explore how he did it.

When you sign up you'll receive zoom link, materials list and instructions for preparing surfaces smooth enough to use for the wipe-away technique. We'll have time to chat, ask questions, watch my demo , experiment and share our paint experiences as we learn from close looking at Carrière's beautiful apparitions. We might well make some discoveries you can use for your own art .

For Carrière's technique the materials are simple - he's known for his near-monochrome brown palette. So - get just a very few oil paint colours = umber or burnt umber, a white, a black, a red ( a cool one is most typical, like red oxide, sienna or vermilion ) maybe an ochre, maybe a Blue (optional) . Water soluble oils eg Cobra work fine too .

You could do the whole class just with one tube of brown!

Brushes , and some materials to wipe away with - paper towels, cloths, sponge, textured cloth, scrim

Some linseed oil or turpentine or substitute, (or painting medium for water soluble oils if you're using them. )

Prepare some smooth, primed painting surfaces - oil based primer is best on cardboard or board, or nonabsorbent gesso. If you use canvas - use a fine weave or prime it generously to reduce the texture. Yupo paper probably would work, or oil painting paper - bring a selection of surfaces and as a group we'll experiment. Give your primers time to dry thoroughly especially oil based ones which can take several days.

It's a messy process so wear old clothes and cover your work surface!

***If using solvents remember to ventilate your space and dispose of solvent rags and papers in water and secure bins and containers to avoid fire risk. ***

This LINK will take you straight to more info and bookings - all free, friendly and informal, invite your friends too! Book Now

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